This website is an interactive website where students can openly ask questions about problems they are having trouble answering. Anyone is available to comment back the solution to the problem and how they found it. Just simply click on the class below in which you are struggling with.

Physics (normal)

Having trouble finding the velocity of an object? Or maybe trying the find force acting upon an object? Click here to ask a physics related question.

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AP Physics Calculus

Having trouble finding the acceleration at a certain time of an object when only being given displacement as a function of time? Click here to ask a Physics-Calculus question.

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Algebra 1

Need help discovering the slope of a line running through a graph? Click the link below for help in Algebra 1.

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Algebra 2

Curious to learn how to graph a function? Click here to ask an Algebra 2 related question and wait for a response!

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AP Calculus AB

Want to learn how to find the Integral of 3x^2? Then come to this link where you can ask questions freely about calculus AB.

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